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Making new stamps and stamping alphabet for fridge magnets which are coming soon to my etsy store.

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New wild flowers

Working on some test tiles for some new flowers today.

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Tumbling Coneflowers

Trying out some coneflowers on my tumblers. Hopefully that will all of you with cups out there another option.

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Coasters, candle holders, ???

Making these little dishes today. What would you use these 4 inch dishes for?

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This week in the studio

20 tumblers waiting in line.

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The making of a cup

The making of a cup

So this is how I make my flower and donut mug: I hand roll my slabs. Never liked the way slabs turned out with a slab roller. After making the basic cylinder, I let these sit for a while, so they can harden a bit and set up their joints. Once the cylinders have hardened […]

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Limited Edition mug only available at WORT on air auction

Mugs that where especially made for WORT, Madison’s independent radio station, will be available at the annual on-air auction on Saturday, April 14th. These mugs are hand-built in my popular button style. They are decorated with designs and graphics inspired by other WORT artwork and feature a radio tower, a banana, the numbers 89.9 and […]

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Offsetting my Carbon Footprint

Upham Street Pottery is going green. No not “as in greenware” or the “little green papers” but as in “making our own renewable energy”. In the past, we have always paid our utility a few extra cents to buy energy produced by renewable resources, like wind, solar or biomass. Starting today, we will be producing […]

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EPK or Grolleg?

In the past, I have always used Grolleg porcelain, mainly because it was available to me and I liked the whiteness of the clay body. I had also always mixed my own batch and not really experienced a pre-mixed porcelain. Recently, I tried some EPK porcelain because it was available from my local clay company […]

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