EPK or Grolleg?


In the past, I have always used Grolleg porcelain, mainly because it was available to me and I liked the whiteness of the clay body. I had also always mixed my own batch and not really experienced a pre-mixed porcelain. Recently, I tried some EPK porcelain because it was available from my local clay company and I wanted to support them by buying their clays instead of the third party ones they also sell. The EPK was a bit different to work with but I didn’t notice too much of a difference.

Edgar Plastic Kaolin

Other than it settled out hard in my throwing water and is impossible to reprocess without a pug mill. The mix I was using also softened when it was being wedged. So for comparison I purchased some Grolleg porcelain again and immediately liked how it behaved during wedging. I also think it trims better and just feels so much better in my hands. The mix isn’t as wet which makes it more controllable during throwing. I haven’t fired the Grolleg porcelain and I am curious if there will noticeable differences after firing.

I am curious if it is the difference in the chemical, EPK vs. Grolleg, or just a difference in clay recipe.

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