The making of a cup

So this is how I make my flower and donut mug:

I start out with a slab built cylinder.

I hand roll my slabs. Never liked the way slabs turned out with a slab roller. After making the basic cylinder, I let these sit for a while, so they can harden a bit and set up their joints.

Shaping and cutting to size

Once the cylinders have hardened a bit, I shape them, remove excess clay, clean them up and cut and shape the rim. Then they sit again.

Mugs with handles, buttons, etc

At this stage, not quite leather hard, I attach coil handles, buttons and any other decoration. Then they sit again.

When they are leather hard, I use a pencil to outline the donuts or flowers. For the flowers I use another carving tool to make the outlines deeper and wider. Then I apply leatherhard slips or underglazes and let them dry out to bone dry.

I bisque to Cone 04, I wax areas that have the underglaze and where I don’t want additional glaze on top and glaze the mugs. Then I have to clean out the waxed areas, which is a very tedious job, especially on the flower mugs. Fired to Cone 10 reduction and voilá.

Cobalt blue donut mug

Coneflower Mug

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