Limited Edition mug only available at WORT on air auction

Mugs that where especially made for WORT, Madison’s independent radio station, will be available at the annual on-air auction on Saturday, April 14th. These mugs are hand-built in my popular button style. They are decorated with designs and graphics inspired by other WORT artwork and feature a radio tower, a banana, the numbers 89.9 and the WORT letters stamped into the buttons. These mugs will only be available at the auction and have a limited edition of 6. Although there is a possibility of more WORT mugs by Upham Street Pottery, this design will not be repeated. They are going to be auctioned off in sets of two combined with a 12 oz bag of Equal Exchange coffee. Auction times are 9:45 AM, 2 and 5 PM. Starting bid is a $35.

Special edition WORT coffee mugs



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